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Cirkle Labs is a social innovation enterprise leveraging community, Creativity and Collaboration with technology to influence education, drive increased employability and business growth among Africa’s young people. Our big goal is to drive economic empowerment and digital literacy by engaging policy makers, providing resources, training and events that improve access to education, employability and business profitability.

Our Programs


Wherever you are in your business or career growth journey, we have tailored courses built specifically to take you from zero to hero. Our bit size and affordable evergreen courses will help you build proficiency in your career and show you the hoops and loops of running a successful business with online tools

Ilorin Digital Summit (IDS)

One of the biggest digital festivals proliferating the opportunities that digital tools offer and closing the digital divide in North Central Nigeria. Our vision is to equip young people and business owners to take advantage of the growing digital economy to launch and sustain their own livelihoods, increase employment, productivity and create global Impact.


We are empowering local enterprises by providing immersive learning experiences, access to digital tools and mentorship to drive internal efficiencies, target and expand market opportunities, build solutions that scale and take advantage of them to drive profitability.


We are passionate about designing and implementing solutions that makes it easier for more children irrespective of location or background to access quality education and discover their talents.


Our resources on career direction will help you answer pressing questions about planning your career and job future. In addition to our bespoke services we also have crafted training that helps you gain portfolio building opportunities, learn soft and job relevant skills that position you for the future of work.

Innovation Hub

We are designing spaces that makes it easier for people to come together to learn, create, share and grow. Our spaces also provide a vast range of services that serves students, recent graduates, professionals, business owners, NGOs and anyone interested in positively contributing to their community.

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