We grow brands, create experiences and solve business problems.

Business Planning

Design growth for your business to take advantage of opportunities to help your business scale

Business Analysis

Perform a deep dive into the pulse of your business with the aim to chart directions to help you maximise profitability.

Brand Development

Explore every opportunity to reach your business’ audience and create relevant connections with your customers.

Problem Solving

Walk through business hurdles and create a truly resilient brand solving real problems for your customers.


We provide training and advisory to micro and small business owners centered on how to use digital tools to optimize performance and grow their profit. Our online and offline training and services are customized to address your organisation's structural and business growth needs. We take the businesses we serve very seriously as they help fund the non-profit work we do in various communities as well give our trained students a chance to build their portfolio.

Our Services

Let’s help you create pleasurable experiences and measurable value for your business.


Creating a successful brand is about understanding your audience in their totality, their native messaging style, creating shareable content that connects with them, and of course creating channels to reach, engage, nurture, sell to them and convert them into brand advocates. In detailed formats, we develop brand strategies that drive growth for businesses.


Improve customer perception with your own professional website that is optimised for engagement on different platforms, sells your values and easily creates conversion.


Your customers are increasingly digital, we understand this behaviour and tailor your digital strategy and efforts to meet your audience in the critical moments they need you most. We are customer centric and data driven, providing your audience with a more connected, personal, and relevant experience in ways that grow and scale your business efforts. We cover everything from using social media, email marketing and creating marketing campaigns that converts.


Unleash digital tools that help you drive productivity for you and your business, streamline business processes that are deeply personal to your brand. Automate interactions with your brand as well as processes that help you thoroughly delight, create valuable engagements for your customers as well as make their experience pleasurable.


Understand problems facing your organisation or gain insights into key driving forces by analysing data. We do the hardwork of recording, analysing and dissecting data, and presenting the findings in a way that improves decision making, helps the prediction of customer behaviour and improve productivity.


We create and deliver bespoke training for your existing staff members on how to Engage a wider reach, Grow your audience, Drive conversions and Deliver targeted, optimized and deeply personalised messages along with measurable result.

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